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The process is structured and overseen by Rusty Russell, Director, and would involve:


Preliminary Works – With 1 x qualified horticulturalist and 1 experienced tradesman – To bring the garden back to its intended form it will require – large scale cut-back – weed all areas – replenish beds with new soils – slow-release fertilizers – seaweed solution to all plants – mulch all beds where necessary – remove all waste and leave the garden and outside areas clean and tidy.


New Pant Installation – Compile plant list in consultation with the client, for garden beds, pots and screening areas to reinstate privacy and intent. Supply and install new plants.


Ongoing fortnightly Maintenance – This process is $65 per hour (Foreman) $55 per hour (Offsider) 



The images shown are examples of our work in both constructing gardens as well as maintaining them.


Call or email Rusty here

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